Revenge from Mars Version 2.0

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  • Revenge from Mars Version 2.0

    Hallo Leute,

    nach spezieller Aufforderung und Hinweis stelle ich es hier ein
    es gibt eine RFM Version 2.0…nd-pinbox-mypinballs-com/

    Ist privat erstellt worden von applejuice und hat einige Änderungen.

    Es ist erstellt für Nucore und Pinbox geht aber auch in einem normalen PC
    Ich habe es auf eine PUB Karte programmiert auf meinem WIN98 PC (nur files kopieren und parameter für den Priogrammer anpassen)

    Es gibt einige Verbesserungen s.u,

    Bei mir flickert die GI manchmal mein RFM rennt aber nur auf 200Mhz

    Beim Quick shot war manchmal das Bold gestört!



    Game Changes
    Quick-Shot – Hurry up feature created – Shoot drop target to collect countdown score
    Quick-Shot – Graphics animations (Mothership used from martian aerobics), text and boxes created.
    Quick-Shot – Progressive scoring, Each successful award increases start value
    Secret Weapon – altered the amount of speech in the mode when shots made
    Secret Weapon – added ROUND X FIGHT speech with adj option to mode start
    Secret Weapon – added stooge fight move to ramp shots
    Secret Weapon – decreased punch and kick move effectiveness for easy centre shots
    Secret Weapon – Added language translations for name and settings
    Secret Weapon – Saucer light now requires completing all robot-lincoln moves
    Secret Weapon – Martian now rejuvenates if Abe is idle for too long
    Circle Shots – Missile Champ Added
    Circle Shots – Missile awards now offer Martian bombs at certain thresholds
    Circle Shots – Missile awards now offer Ball Save restart at certain thresholds
    Circle Shots – Missile awards now offer Quick-Shot at certain thresholds
    Circle Shots – Missile points awards are bigger and easier to get, plus there more of them
    Circle Shots – Missiles total now awards a champ entry if beaten
    Hypnobeam – Beams destroyed now awards a champ entry if beaten
    Attract – Added new lamp show effect – searchlight
    Attract – Added new lamp show effect – sweep up and down
    Attract – Updated the regular playfield lamp strobing effect
    Attract – Missile Champ Screen Added
    Attract – Hypnobeam Champ Added
    Attract – added more speech call options to flipper button presses
    Attract – Removed Dillon Tribute to gain more ram space
    Scene – Now can start from the saucer modes in the centre
    Ball Save – Balls are now autolaunched from shooter lane at correct time
    Service Mode – updated video test alignment image to save ram, 200k freed
    Service Mode – cleaned up brightness/contrast levels on video test alignment image
    Stroke of Luck – Added ball save award
    Stroke of Luck – Added collect bonus award
    Stroke of Luck – Added 2 million award
    Stroke of Luck – Removed saucer light award
    XINA 1.30 Update
    Video test alignment graphics optimised and cleaned up to free valuable flash memory
    Test system info menu updated with more colours for versions
    Test system info now states ‘custom build’ – lets not upset anyone!
    Ball Saver class changes for better game autolaunch in RFM build
    *Will run on pinbox and original hardware
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Die Version 2.22 ist raus

    Game Changes
    System - Reverted to original v1.5 Sound File
    Scene - Fixed an issue where the ball save was broken for scene endings.
    Where the ball drains and is not held by the up post as the scene end
    Hurry Up - Improved graphics interaction with scene manager, especially at end of scenes where a hurry up is still running.
    Hurry up - Now gets stopped when the scene ends if its not been collected and is still running
    Happy Hr - regular flippers are now restored if a multi-ball mode runs during this mode, pausing the happy hr mode
    Happy Hr - Drunk flippers are resumed once any higher priority mode has
    finished (multi ball) modes. Possibly makes the games alittle more
    tricky, so players need to be alert!
    Happy Hr - Added new graphics and speech calls to tell players about normal flippers if changing from drunk and vise versa
    Attract - Fixed a few missing lamps from the std twinkle effect
    Power Drain - New Feature! Inspired from Dialed In. During Martian
    Attack Multiball certain shots must be completed in time otherwise the
    big martian will attack your flippers for a short period!!
    System - 6 ball trough now recognised once extra hardware installed
    Midnight Madness - Updates to support multiple sizes of troughs
    Capture Multiball - add a ball now supports multiple sizes of troughs

    XINA 1.34 Update
    System - Added new additional baud speeds new updater software program
    Hidden Images - Removed some old images to make more flash ram space for
    game code updates and allow original computer systems to still receive
    the latest code updates

    Werde sie heute installieren

    Live Long and Prosper