Lauras Online Selfie Turnier

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  • Lauras Online Selfie Turnier

    In den USA findet gerade das "Quarantopia Selfie League" statt. Hier kann jeder gar seine Wunschpins mit angeben. Prinzipiell kann also jeder, der Zugang zu Flippern hat auch mitmachen

    Jeder, der eine IPA Nummer hat, kann sich selbst über Matchplay registrieren und seine Scores selbst über Matchplay sein" Selfie Bild" übermitteln.als Beispiel: so
    Die Regeln dafür sind leider nur über Facebook verlinkt

    Da nicht jeder hier über Facebook verfügt hier der Auszug:

    Had to redo this event, sorry and will again on 5/5 due to fb limitations with lengthy events.Tournament runs from 4/18/2020 at 3pm edt - 05/31/2020 at 11:59 edt.

    Feel free to invite others: How bout a little selfie league competition? Lmk what games you have that aren’t on it, and I’ll add them to the tournament. Pinball only. No Virtual pinball. Access to 5 games is ideal as best 5 games count but not required to participate. You are also competing for top honors on your own game even if you just have one! Unlimited scores can be submitted until 5/31 at 11:59pm edt. Event does not end 5/4 - Facebook has length limitations for events.

    Honor system, I’m approving but not actively over-policing score submissions. Add yourself to the tournament. Runs through the end of May.

    You can play and submit scores for as many games as many times as you want. Only your best score will count.

    You have to let me know if you want your games added. I will add whatever you have.

    All games currently on the list are owned by at least one person who has advised they are competing. If you ask me to add games, you are committing to playing at least one game on each machine you had me add.
    Yes I know all games are set up differently. [Blocked Image:]

    No xtra balls. Either turn them off or plunge them. I TRUST YOU to do this.

    Photo is required with your face and your score. I generally won’t reject scores that are just a pic of the score, but am requesting your face as well which adds further validity to your score. I will reject scores with no photo at all. No screenshots. No funny business. Only new scores that you accomplished b/w 4/18 and 5/31.

    Make sure you have selected the correct game or version. Otherwise I will delete and you will need to catch this on your own and resubmit under the correct game. I will delete scores I can’t make out.

    Post your scores promptly. Use 48 hours as a guideline. Do not hoard scores. I won’t enforce this but I’m asking.

    Please allow me the same amount of time to approve scores, I’m not a robot!

    Post ONLY scores of games you played during this time period and not of your past GCs/leaderboard. If you happen to Get a GC, please make sure you post the game score and not the GC leaderboard photo. ***I’ve accepted a couple of these before I made this rule clear, but no more will be accepted at this point.

    Put your EMs on 5 ball. All Solid states on 3.

    Hoping for lots of game overlap. Post games you have access to below (specify version if relevant plz- relevant means there are differences in game play bw versions and not just cosmetic ).

    Check out the recent score submissions to see what games people are playing.

    This is for fun only. * I do realize this is not ideal. It is FOR FUN, I cannot stress that enough. DO NOT CHEAT! You don’t need the bad karma right now, amirite?

    I probably don’t have to tell you there are no IFPA pts for this (for more than one reason) but I just did anyway.

    I have a general idea of how many people have which games but it’s impossible for me to continue to track that at this point.

    Stay at home orders vary and will continue to change from state to state and from country to country. You don’t have to be quarantined to play, but this is created with the idea that most of us are. Practice social distancing, y’all.

    The overall standings in the Matchplay app mean NOTHING.

    At the end of May, your score will be based on how many people you beat on each game eg if you come in 2nd of 10 players on AFM, you beat 8 players and that is your score for that game. Your best 5 count. Games that only have one participant will be deleted. The 5 games you
    Beat the most people on will be added together to make up your total score. It’s to your advantage to play games that have more players or get friends with the same game to join. Most people who own machines tend to know others who have the same machine so get them up in here! I I know it sucks for those with rarer machines, but again, this is for FUN, and this is the best I can manage it with definitive standings that reflect performance at the end of May. Every player who plays at least 5 games with at least 1 other opponent on those games will be in the final standings. I will figure out how to do tiebreakers (or not) for the top 3 at the time if we get to that. Questions? HMU.

    ***I will occasionally share your selfies in this event if you blew something tf up

    If we get more than 100 participants, I’ll make top 3 trophies. My trophies are pretty cool.