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  • Hallo,

    soweit ich weiss, ist die November Ausgabe nicht verschickt worden. Die sind auf dem Postamt in den USA liegen geblieben. Sind dann wohl letzte Woche rausgegangen.

    Die Dezember Ausgabe soll in den nächsten Tagen dann schon kommen. Ist also alles im "Plan".
    Pit S.
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  • Wieso,

    ich hatte heute auch erst die November Ausgabe. Ich denke mal die Dez kommt noch.
    Gruß Heiko
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  • RE: pingame journal

    Hallo Roland,

    wenn du die November-Ausgabe schon hattest, dann hattest du Glück, denn bei den meisten ist die gestern zum ERSTEN Mal angekommen; insofern haste die dann jetzt einfach doppelt, die Dezember-Ausgabe kommt noch. - Sollte jemand bis Anfang Januar die Dezember-Ausgabe NICHT bekommen haben, dann bitte Rückmeldung an mich, damit ich die für uns gesammelt anmahnen kann.

    Ball in Play
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  • Schonmal als Schmankerl"

    Damit wir alle wissen, worauf wir uns in Ausgabe 130 (die hoffentlich in den nächsten Tagen eintreffen sollte) freuen dürfen; ICH für meinen Teil warte da gern, wenn sich so etwas ankündigt:

    Greetings to all PinGame Journal Supporters

    Since the last issue of the magazine was a bit more unusual than usual (#129
    combined with the Pinball Expo Souvenir Guide) I thought why stop now! So
    the next issue, #130, will be even more unusual for an issue of the PGJ but
    pretty normal for a 2009 Pinball Calendar.

    This PGJ Newsletter will deal with that upcoming issue. There is a message
    for all PINBALL EVENT ORGANIZERS further down, so pay attention!

    The facts are these: Alex Fuchs, the creator of the pinball calendar for the
    past few years decided to skip 2009 due to personal issues that needed
    attention. He has every intention to return in 2010. While the prospect of
    no 2009 calendar saddened me (my 2008 edition is hanging a foot and a half
    from my head as I type this) I also heard from many others who felt the

    The problem was money, as I nor anyone else I talked to was keen on fronting
    the few thousand dollars it would take to do the printing, not to mention
    spending the many, many hours it would take to create the calendar.

    It wasn’t until I was driving to work three weeks ago that it occurred to me
    to make an issue of the PGJ the calendar and solve the money problem. So
    after some discussion, consideration and some discouragement, I decided to
    just go ahead and do it. Since then I’ve been spending those hours and hours
    working on the project. The focus became pinball artists. One month per
    artist’s art. Choosing the artists was not easy as there are way more than
    12. Trust me when I say I went through nearly all of them looking at pros
    and cons to come up with the group I did. Some that you might think should
    be included are not and some you many never have heard of, are. The same was
    true in most cases in picking the art to show: It's not going to always be
    the most common examples. However, in all this I had a lot of help,
    especially in getting images to use.

    Alex not only sent me the template file for the 2008 edition, he sent me
    photos of needed games that appeared in past calendars. Duncan Brown was
    invaluable as he graciously allowed me access to his vast collection of
    backglass images and responded to requests immediately, most recently last
    night! Clay Harrell invited me to his house and helped me photograph a
    number of his games for the project. Todd Seaver directed me to his online
    gallery of backglasses for me to pick from. David Silverman of the National
    Pinball Museum supplied his high quality collection of Roy Parker backglass
    art ( Charles Bombardier supplied a great
    photo of his ’61 Williams Metro glass (he’s looking for photos of the
    cabinet to restore his … if anyone can help, let me know.)

    I also received the very kind assistance of the following pinball artists,
    who supplied photos of backglass art and in some cases, of original
    paintings: Paul Faris, Greg Freres, Pat McMahon, Kevin O’Connor, John

    One of the most frustrating parts of this project was choosing the artists
    and deciding who not to include. Two of those, Margaret Hudson and Stan
    Fukuoka, are friends, which made the decision even more difficult.

    While Margaret has done only couple of games completely, she has had a hand
    in many dozens of others in many different ways and it was difficult to
    leave her out. She even did the graphic work to convert the current PGJ
    masthead to a digital vector file. However, as the realities of space became
    clear, I realized it was not to be and I only hope she’ll talk to me when I
    see her at Pinball Expo in October.

    Stan is a talented graphic artist though his pinball exposure was limited to
    three games for Capcom, including the legendary Big Bang Bar. It is very
    cool that Stan has consented to provide art created especially for PGJ
    issues the past few holiday seasons and this one is no exception. He has
    submitted a calendar type “pinup” image that will grace the cover of this
    special PGJ edition.

    EVENT ORGANIZER NOTE: I am planning to include pinball events’ names and web
    site addresses on the dates of events. Ed Klamp with help from Trent
    Augenstein has been collecting names and dates for the project but if you
    are not sure they have info for your event, please let me know. ALSO--
    Unfortunately, this calendar project is turning out to be a little more
    expensive than usual so I’m accepting ads for events to be placed on one of
    the calendar pages the month before or of the show! At $60 per ad this is a
    good way to help us all and the cool part is that a reminder the show will
    be sitting there, staring people in the face for a whole month! I know this
    is short notice, but I need to know by Monday so contact me at if you’re interested.

    If you know any organizers or are part of the staff for an event, please get
    this info to the right person as soon as possible so they don’t miss out!

    Update: The 12 art pages and the cover are nearly done, the calendar part,
    thanks to Alex is framed out. I have to now start juggling month names and
    dates and information like holidays, ads and other info. There are only a
    few million other little details to deal with, but it’s getting there. I’m
    hoping to have it to the printer early next week and in the mail before this

    I say all that to say this. If you want this issue of the PGJ you need to be
    a subscriber. Marco Specialties ( has made a very
    kind offer to buy a quantity of this issue and offer it for sale to their
    customers. In return, there will be no back issues available from the PGJ
    until at least April 2009. SO—If you need to renew, DO IT …. If you have
    been thinking of subscribing, now is the time to act. If you haven’t been
    thinking of subscribing, now’s the time to start thinking!
    ( As usual, because time is short, at least
    let me know you want to join the PGJ and I can put you on the list and get
    your payment later.

    Issue #131 is also well on it’s way to completion. This calendar thing has
    generated some interesting conversations and I’ll present some of them in
    #131. A number of other articles are ready to go including interviews about
    the new Stern game CSI and the third and final part of Paul Backer’s epic on
    Capcom’s Pinball Magic.

    Big things are happening so don’t miss them. Subscribe or renew now. Thanks.

    Help spread the word. Click on (Pinball Hall Of
    Fame) and at your every opportunity. Make one
    your home page!

    Issue 129, November 2008 / Pinball Expo 2008 Souvenir Guide Book. This issue
    was given out to attendees at Expo and also serves as issue 129 of the PGJ.
    We start with a listing of contact info for Expo exhibitors, a list of
    interesting pinball reading and biographies of 2008 Expo guest speakers.
    Then Scott Elder shows us his Batman miniatures in Batman: A Model Citizen,
    designer George Gomez let’s us into his world as his gets into Batman to
    create the full-size game and back to Scott, a fan of all things Batman,
    reviews this newest offering from Stern. Next is the Expo schedule and
    photos of guest speakers. Bob Herbison goes double or nothing with Gottlieb’s
    Twin Bill and Dave Marston takes us through the decades in Pinball On
    Record. Phoebe Smith brought her four Williams two level games to Expo and
    describes them in detail in this issue. Paul Backer presents part two of
    three of the story behind Capcom’s Pinball Magic and we wrap things up with
    a list of pinball videos and the 2008 Flip Out rules and prizes. There is,
    of course more to this issue, including a flyer for the Stern game Batman,
    so don’t miss it!

    Check us out on line at or contact us at (248)
    626-5203, 31937 Olde Franklin Drive, Farmington Hills MI 48334 ***********************************************************
    Ball in Play
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  • Wenn ich von jedem die Mailadresse gehabt hätte, um sie mit anzugeben, dann ja...
    Christian ;)
    Ball in Play
    Game Over: Camelot - Take5 - 8Ball - Gorgar - Centaur - Centaur2 - Fire! - F-14 - SoF - Ww - 2x BK2k - Simpsons - FH - TM BoP - FT - HS2 - STTNG - NF - JM - WCS94 - WD? - Bw - JY - 2x NBA FB - MB - 2x RfM - RCT - Sopranos
  • Re: pingame journal

    Nicht nur, aber besonders heute, wurde mir bewusst was es heisst bei der GPA zu sein.
    Das neue PinGame Journal ist eingetroffen und als Schmankerl, von den Interessanten Berichten mal ab...
    Ein (einseitiger) Rolling Stones Flyer UND ein echter beidsitiger TRON Flyer waren ooch bei.
    Mann wie geil...
    That makes my day.
    Natürlich kann jeder das PinGame Journal abonnieren, aber für mich aber auch andere Mitglieder machte das Duffy und die GPA.
    Danke schön Duffy
    Der Lesestoff für heute steht fest.
  • Pingame Jpurnal ABO

    Hallo Duffy,

    hier Erinnerung wie in Lemgo besprochen,

    Es wäre super wenn Du mit Jim die Modalitäten einer Verlängerung klären könntest.

    Da er nun wieder gesund erscheint sollten auch wieder Ausgaben erscheinen - und zu berichten gibt es genug.

    Gruß und Danke
    Live Long and Prosper
  • Danke für den Reminder, 8)

    ich habe Jim angeschrieben und warte derzeit auf seine Antwort, wieviel Euro uns wieviele Ausgaben kosten würden.
    Sammelbestellung (und Bezahlung) läuft dann gern wieder über mich - ich leite das Geld via paypal an Jim weiter und schicke ihm die Adressliste der potentiellen Abonnenten. :cowboy:

    Wer Interesse an einem neuen Pingame-Journal hat, möge sich bitte melden - am besten hier im Thread.
    Ball in Play
    Game Over: Camelot - Take5 - 8Ball - Gorgar - Centaur - Centaur2 - Fire! - F-14 - SoF - Ww - 2x BK2k - Simpsons - FH - TM BoP - FT - HS2 - STTNG - NF - JM - WCS94 - WD? - Bw - JY - 2x NBA FB - MB - 2x RfM - RCT - Sopranos